Winning Wine Fest

30 Sep

Despite the GORGEOUS (and strangely out-of-tune) summer-like weather we’re having in England right now, I am already looking forward to summer 2012. ‘Why?’ you might ask.

No, it’s not because of the Olympics – I’m still not relishing the idea of the onslaught of tourists that will take over Londontown during that time.

Actually, it’s for a rather juicy festival I’ve found out about, due to take place next year in Reading.

The Big Wine Festival is set to be the biggest event in England next year (bar the aforementioned Olympics) and is hoping to attract some 120,000 people to its massive pop-up village in Kings Meadow from the 7-10 June.

I went to the recent press launch at the sumptuous Benares in Berkeley Square to find out more and left full of wine, and full of excitement for this monstrous event.

Waiters mull in the background during the event to launch The Big Wine Festival at Benares in London

According to the lovely ladies from PR Company Cottrell and Klar, there will be wine from every wine-producing country represented at the event, along with food from their nations to go along with the tastings – two things that really get Gwiltypleasures going!

Not only that, but attendees will also have access to concerts, kids areas (as the organisers want to make this a family-friendly event) and loads of cultural activities from the various countries.

It looks like it will really put Britain’s food, wine and event-hosting on the map, and I’m glad to see something so major happening just in time to take advantage of what will hopefully be some summer sunshine.

More info on bands, events and wine exhibitors will be coming soon – it is, after all, still almost nine months away. But for now, Gwiltypleasures is blocking off a few days in her June 2012 calendar to be taken over with wine-tasting, lawn sprawling and concert listening…tres exciting!

Tickets for the festival will cost £37 for adults and be available in October from the website. More information on discounts and special offers will be available in the coming months.

One Response to “Winning Wine Fest”

  1. Wayne Perry October 3, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Absolutely Awesome… I cannot wait to get there in 2012!!!!
    Wayne Perry
    Auckland, New Zealand

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